Underground Fuel Storage Tanks

Underground Fuel Storage Tanks

Under Ground Tanks

Are you suffering from space constraints?

Are you having to store fuels required for daily use in small barrels?

Our underground steel tanks provide superior structural strength and product compatibility. Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the underground environment, they are serviceable for storing a wide range of petroleum products and other hazardous liquids. Tank dimensions and thicknesses are calculated in strict compliance with Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strain as presented in UL-58 (Not listed). In addition, customization to suit your requirements is always available. A variety of industry-proven corrosion protection systems can be selected to be installed on our underground fuel storage tanks using a variety of backfill materials. Capacities from 240- 50,000 gallons, exterior full fillet lap joints, striker plates under every opening, seam inspection, and 5 psi factory air tests, our underground storage tanks are dispatched after rigorous leak testing in Cochin Steel LLC factory.

Our undergroud tanks also come with FRP/ GRP linings externally to suit buried applications.

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