Flame Arrestor

Flame Arrestors (Fuel Managment Solutions)

Stainless Steel Tank Flame Arrestors: Enhancing Safety in UAE's Above-Ground Storage Tanks

Tank Vents are installed directly on the top of the above-ground storage tank or utility tank vent pipes. The vent cap is designed to protect the tank against intrusion of water, debris or insects.  A normally closed poppet in the valve opens at a predetermined pressure or vacuum setting to allow the tank to vent.


In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), safety is of utmost importance in above-ground storage tanks (ASTs). Stainless steel tank manufacturing and supplies play a vital role in ensuring a secure storage environment. Flame arrestors, integrated into tank vent pipes, are essential safety components, preventing potential fires and explosions while maintaining the integrity of the stored materials.


Flame arrestors play a vital role in mitigating risks associated with above-ground storage tanks. When storing flammable liquids or gases, ASTs can create a potentially hazardous environment susceptible to ignition. In such scenarios, flame arrestors act as essential safety barriers, extinguishing flames and preventing their propagation, ensuring the safety of personnel and valuable assets. Industries dealing with petroleum, chemicals, and other combustible materials rely on flame arrestors to safeguard their operations.


Flame arrestors serve as indispensable safety components for above-ground storage tanks, mitigating potential hazards and ensuring the protection of personnel and valuable assets. By employing high-quality flame arrestors tailored to their needs, industries can confidently enhance safety measures and remain compliant with safety regulations.


Material of construction
• Cap body: high-tensile aluminum alloy construction. Has straight pipe threads with Nitrile® gasket for tight seal to tank.
• Dome: plated steel
• Screen: 40 mesh brass

They are an essential safety addition to any fuelling system. 

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