Lube Oil Storage Tanks

Lube Oil Storage Tanks


Lube Oil storage is a growing need of the automobile service industry as well as in Industrial Factories. Lube Oil tanks ensure you can safely store enough quantity to maintain smooth day to day operations. In the UAE the Lube Oil industry is huge with a large number of oil suppliers as well as users. This is where our Lube Oil tanks come into the lime light.

Cylindrical/Rectangular/ Containerized single-wall and double-wall lube tanks are designed for economical and dependable storage of bulk lubrication oils and “fast-lube” oil storage. Lube Tanks are fabricated in a wide range of styles and capacities to meet all your replacement or new construction requirements. Whether installing indoors, in a basement, in a service bay, outdoors, or next to a building, our team can design and supply a lube tank to fit the application. Our Lube Oil tanks are an essential addition to your auto workshops and servioce stations.

Currently, we can cater to ADNOC specs, DEWA/ Dubai Municipality specs/ ADCD Specs and ENOC/ EMARAT specs in the UAE.

Cochin Steel LLC also specializes in custom designed lube oil station design including dispensers.

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