HDPE Fuel piping

Cochin Steel LLC has expertise in laying and installation of HDPE fuel piping for underground piping applications. HDPE fuel piping comes with 20+ years warranty. We collaborate with industry-leading brands to provide HDPE fuel piping solutions in the UAE. 

Main Features

  • Single or double-wall configuration
  • Extensive range of electro-fusion single wall and double wall fittings, mechanical, spigot and transition fittings
  • Real-time monitoring and containment solutions
  • Huge range of entry and terminating boots
  • High impact resistance
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Superior chemical resistance to hydrocarbons, saline, acid and alkaline solutions and corrosive environments
  • Industry best long-term resistance to pressure
  • Minimal head losses
  • Bar code technology for ease and accuracy of welding during installation allowing for full traceability


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